String bean / Yard-long Bean 豆角
Friday October 30th, 2015 / Bean

String bean / Yard-long Bean (豆角)

There are two main varieties of string beans, those that are white and those that are green. However, due to the popularity of the green beans, this article will discuss the uses, nutritional value and cooking methods of this particular type. Green string beans are characteristically slender, being long and thin. In fact, the length of green string beans considerably varies, and they can easily grow anywhere between 1- 3 feet in length.

Green string beans can be bought all year round, but are normally cheaper during the warm seasons, from late spring to autumn. Green string beans are popular due to their crunchy and coarse texture and strong flavour, making them a favourite in a variety of meals. Green string beans are also a favourite due to their quick and easy preparation and cooking methods. After washing the beans, they can be chopped as desired and boiled, similar to such vegetables as broccoli; or eaten raw by incorporating them into fresh salads. String beans are the perfect addition into any meal, whether that be as a side dish to complement sea food, or part of a traditional stir-fry.