Kai Choi 芥菜
Wednesday September 2nd, 2015 / Leafy

Kai Choi / Mustard Cabbage (芥菜)

Kai Choi is a native vegetable of Asia, and is identifiable through its uniform green leaves, that are usually broad and flat. Kai Choi resembles that of celery, however has a single wide leaf at the very top of the stalk that extends down. This vegetable is available throughout the year, but is best during the cooler months.

Overall, the taste of the Kai Choi is bitter or peppery, with the edible stem’s flavor being similar to that of mustard. In addition to this unique flavouring, Kai Choi has an abundance of health benefits, and is well known for its high quantities of vitamins A and C.

To prepare and cook, wash and chop as desired. Make sure to lightly boil the Kai Choi as to remove any excess bitterness. Kai Choi is a versatile vegetable, as they can be eaten raw within salads or even preserved as pickled vegetables. Often, Kai Choi is used within Chinese broths and stir-fries, providing these dishes with their distinctive flavouring.