Spinach 菠菜
Monday August 31st, 2015 / Leafy

Spinach (菠菜)

Spinach is a universally known vegetable, believed to have been first grown around 650 AD in China. As a native to Asia, Spinach has become used throughout the world, becoming a staple addition to many meals.

Spinach is acknowledged for its tender and delicate, rich-green leaves. On average, the mature Spinach can reach up to 30 cm, but do decrease in size once cooked. Spinach is widely recognised throughout the world for containing abundant health benefits. Embodying high levels of vitamins A, C, and K; and essential minerals such as Magnesium and most notably Iron; Spinach is the wonder vegetable. In particularly, the prominent levels of Iron in Spinach make it a great addition to any diet.

Fortunately, Spinach is available throughout the year, but is at its best between April to September.

The preparation and cooking of Spinach is straightforward. If purchased fresh, you must wash the spinach thoroughly to remove any excess dirt, and to of course ensure optimum freshness. Make sure to lightly dry off any additional water, either by gently shaking the leaves or using dry kitchen paper to absorb excess moisture. The surplus variations of meals that Spinach can be included within is varied. One can eat the vegetable raw when added into a fresh salad, or steamed to be eaten along side fish or meat.